#3-The Dungeon

So as you get a little older you may get C.R.S.! This disease has become an epidemic at my workplace. When something important is forgotten...C.R.S. is the culprit!:) Anyway...I've always liked the idea of a basement. That special place where you could get away from the world...UNDERGROUND! Here is where all of the role-playing takes place. "The Dungeon" IS the basement of Roxanne's parent's home. Can anyone guess the HOMAGE in this strip??? Clue..."In The Street". The NEW player that you see is Gary Rayne, Roxanne's dad. He's the one responsible for getting these kids into RPG's. Gary's not really a firefighter...his grandfather was a member of the fire brigade in the early 1900's...that's where the FANCY hat came from. He feels that it puts him into that "warrior" mentality. The "ROUND" table is from King Arthur of course. "We eat ham and jam and SPAM a lot". :)

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