#12-Nipple Rings Of Enchantment

K.O.D.T.(Knights of the Dinner Table)has been around for a good while. I only recently started reading it and it is really good stuff. It gives me inspiration for what I'm trying to accomplish with my own comic. So...Jon is really getting on Chris's nerves. Do you get the feeling that Chris doesn't like him very much. It's hard to let new people into your own little world. Where is this new DM taking our heroes? Thanks!



Wayne's World became such a BIG part of pop-culture. The entire movie is quotable. This is my tribute to that flick. So what do you think of TiTi? She is my version of a female Bugbear(w/ less hair). I got her body painting design from Vaughn Bode. If you aren't familiar with Bode's Cheech Wizard...please start reading immediately! :) So TiTi has a couple of things that seem to be charming our heroes. What could they be and what will happen to the boys next? Check back here soon and please check out this AWESOME pin-up of TiTi by James V. West. His comics Zyn Dweomer & Dungeon Minds are equally AWESOME. Check him out over at jwarts.com Thanks

#10-Inspired Words

I absolutely love the old D.A.T. drawings from the AD&D Monster Manual I! Here is my tribute to Trampier's Ice Devil with a little bit of Steve Carell's "That's what she said!" added in for good measure. I stole the title of #10 from Better Off Dead...one of my favorite movies. Which is better, speaking no English at all, or speaking Howard Cosell?



John Madden says some of the most ridiculous stuff. I stole the kankles bit from him. What do you think the bugbears are up to? And what do you think of Princess Jessica? Check back here to find out what Chuck thinks of her. :)


Introducing...Guy Gax the barbarian! He is Gary Rayne's PC. Guy is my version of a Wemic from the AD&D Monster Manual II. Time to kick a little A$$! Oh yeah!...here's the character key from comic #7: (LtoR)Ganon, Gamorrean Gaurd, Bebop, Sweetums, Porky Pig, & Black Pete. Thanks for reading.

#7-Run To The Hills

Sorry it's taken me SOOO long to get another comicstrip done! I based the gang of bugbears on characters that I really like. See if you can guess who they are. I will post a character key in the next strip. Fred really "jumped the gun" by using his sword beam. If you're wondering why he's not glowing any more, it's because the sword beam drains him of his other ablilities(except speech which is unfortunate for Blueburt). The little green man is my tribute to Wally Wood's Snorky from Sally Forth. The second panel is my homage to another one of my fav games...Super Mario Bros. Blueburt is in desperate need of some help at this point...will anyone come to his rescue??? Check back in a few for the answer to this question. Thanks for reading.

#6-Full Life Meter

I think The Legend Of Zelda for the NES has to be my all time favorite video game. Zelda took up much of my time in that foul year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and eighty six.