#4-FRED-The Magic, Intelligent Ninjaken

I recently bought a Wacom Bamboo pen tablet. I didn't know if I was going to like it at first because you kinda have to learn how to draw again. I think I've figured it out a little bit...what do you think? Sometimes my lines seem to have that "Charles Schulz" feel to them(close-up of BB panel 2)which is kinda cool. I had this idea that Blueburt would NOT speak(for reasons that will be revealed later in the story). That's why I'm using the "Garfield" thought balloons. I was inspired to use the japanese kanji symbols for BB when I started reading ORC STAIN by James Stokoe(a GREAT comic from IMAGE that I highly recommend). I also wanted Blueburt's ninjaken, japanese for sword, to talk. I'm hoping this makes them a "Dynamic Duo". I decided to make FRED's word balloons YELLOW to set them apart from the other characters. Think of FRED as the soul of a black man trapped in an ancient, japanese sword(anyone seen GHOSTDOG by Jim Jarmusch?). FRED is very much based on my friend of the same name. FRED is NOT a lightsaber! He only produces light as a warning(much like Bilbo's STING from The Hobbit). Lucas probably got the idea for the lightsaber from that book(glowing BLUE sword...sound familiar...yeah). Who is BB's opponent with the axe? Tune in next time...same BAT-time...same BAT-channel!!! :)

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